22 October 2011

European Economic Government by Nigel Farage

"If you strip people, if you rob people of the most powerful thing they posses in a free society: their ability to vote for and to fire their governments, their ability to be the masters of their on destiny... If you take that from them, all they're left is civil disobedience and violence"
Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP
One of my main interests now regarding current affairs is European politics. A few weeks ago I realised the existence of a very Eurosceptical politician in the European Parliament: Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party and speaker of the "Europe of Freedom and Democracy" group in that parliament.

After watching several videos of his speeches and, despite my overall disagreement, I think he has been very consistent in pointing out an issue that should have our attention. What is the state of democracy nowadays in Greece and other bailed out countries? Can we really talk about democracy when a few people from the IMF, the ECB and the Commission are deciding the policies to follow in Greece and the Greek government is a mere executor? What is left for people's sovereignty?

These questions have, if any, a difficult answer. We know what Farage would support: a step back in Greek integration within the EU based on a return to their own currency and, therefore, to their own fiscal policy. But, without discussing if that is what makes more sense in economical terms, there is another political question. Could a federal EU back this intervention in Greece? Or, in other words, if the EU developed democratic federal institutions, would European sovereignty back this measures in Greece?

21 October 2011

Pepe Think Tank is born

[Original] Three years ago I got involved in my first serious attempt to become a regular blogger. The result is good so far, at least, because I keep posting regularly, till now on Quiero Un Dominio, from now on, on this blog. These years I have evolved both politically and personally. I still remain strongly committed to the defence of Human Rights and democracy, and tend to consider myself, above all, an independent person able to criticise both right and left, conservatives and social democrats, without forgetting that the most important task that political commentators should have, if I dare to consider myself one of them, is criticising everybody one consider is doing the wrong thing on the political arena. This is not a political or economical website though. I will also post about philosophy, literature, and, more rarely, films and art. I cannot assure a great commitment or much research as this is basically an opinion blog but I can assure that what I post here is my own opinion, I hope, sufficiently informed. Welcome to my new adventure and thanks to you all for following me. I hope I will not bore you!


Nace Pepe Think Tank

[Traducción] Hace tres años me involucré en mi primer intento serio de convertirme en un blogero habitual. El resultado es bueno hasta el momento, al menos, porque sigo publicando con regularidad, hasta ahora en Quiero Un Dominio, de ahora en adelante, en este blog. Estos años he evolucionado tanto política como personalmente. Aún sigo fuertemente comprometido con la defensa de los Derechos Humanos y la democracia, y tiendo a considerarme, ante todo, una persona independiente capaz de criticar tanto a la derecha como a la izquierda, conservadores y social demócratas, sin olvidar que la tarea más importante de los comentaristas políticos deberían tener, si me atrevo a considerarme uno de ellos, es criticar a todos aquellos que uno considera que se están equivocando en la arena política. Sin embargo, este no es un blog político o económico. También publicaré sobre filosofía, literatura y, más raramente, de películas y arte. No puedo asegurar una gran dedicación o mucha investigación ya que este es básicamente un blog de opinión, pero puedo asegurar que lo que publique aquí será mi propia opinión, espero, suficientemente informada. Bienvenidos a mi nueva aventura y gracias a todos por seguirme. ¡Espero que no os aburra!